We also extend our services to individuals who are interested in maintaining a non-profit or personal website on the internet. We provide our services at a lower cost and with less hassle to you than many of our competitor's offering the same services.

    Our goal is to provide businesses and individuals with website design and management services that virtually removes all of the hassles and the expensive costs often related with running a website. You can then concentrate on running your business full-time, not a website

Why is design so important?

    The World Wide Web is visual! If a website does not catch your customer's attention immediately, in one instant they can disappear. Not to mention, you are competing with the million dollar budget industry sites with amazing design elements and eye-catching graphics. A Professional website is an important part in the presentation of your company or organization.... your website must be designed professionally to compete with the big guys.

    An important part of the design of a website also includes the navigation system of a website. You must efficiently direct your visitors through your website to make it easy for them to access the information they are looking for. If your customer doesn't find the information they are looking for immediately, they will leave and find a website that will offer them an easier navigation interface and more information.  As a standard procedure in our development of a website, we make available to you a design and layout plan of your website before any work will begin so that you can see the overall design right away.

My Current Website Is Old, Boring and Slow, What Should I Do?

    Aside from designing new websites, we can also evaluate your existing website and provide you with a  report of what can be done to improve the overall looks, speed and efficiency. We do charge a small fee for this service, however if you choose us to re-design your website that amount will be returned to you.. We can then re-design your website for you to give it a fresh and exciting new look.  Email us today with your website address so that we can perform our evaluation of your website.

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